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What We Do

Product Development

We will analyse your problem domain and business requirements and propose you the optimal mix of new functionalities and integration with existing applications and systems.

We can be laser-focused on a specialised component or a critical area of improvement, or build from scratch your new flagship product, or a complete platform that delivers value across the entire organisation.

We will not stop listening, delivering and refining until your platform or product is solid, current, and delivers well in excess of your expectations.

Software Consulting

If your ideas are growing faster than you can throw good resources at, we can help. We can provide you with a team of experienced consultant developers who will serve as a remote extension of your internal team and boost your ability to scale, deliver on time and budget and succeed.

Your new remote team will possess the appropriate skills to "hit the ground running", report to your project leads and integrate seamlessly with your engineering and management processes.

While they engage with you, our consultants will be monitored and trained to ensure they stay relevant to your requirements and quality standards.

Processes and Technologies

We follow a disciplined and transparent approach to every step of our software engineering process.

Your business domain and unique requirements are discussed and clarified in a number of no-frills, face-to-face interviews with as many as possible of your stakeholders: users and technical owners, upper management and operations.

We design and implement on uncompromised quality metrics. Efficiency and integrity of execution, scalability and resilience on the business layers, a sophisticated yet streamlined user experience, openness to change and extension - they are all built-in qualities of our software, never afterthoughts or billable gimmicks.

And don’t we love new technology, especially when it's open source and its evolution rests on a small army of competent developers! We always advocate solid, community-driven applications and frameworks over commercial products: a sure-fire way to keep quality high and time-to-live and costs as low as humanly possible.

We develop in Microsoft C#, Typescript/HTML, Java, Scala, and Python. We work across desktop, web and mobile. We fully embrace Agile/Scrum methodologies – a rigorous yet flexible approach to business and requirements analysis, design, engineering and project management.

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The Gluon Advantage

Why We Are We

Our core team are veteran software consultants with a combined 40 years of experience writing high-performance, robust and scalable software for some of the world’s largest financial organisations and independent technology providers.

In our journeys, we have built trading and portfolio analytics platforms, distributed and parallel calculation and workflow engines, high-volume messaging middleware, dashboards with advanced interaction and visualisation features. We have done numerical and statistical computing, machine learning and semantic data analysis.

We have been producing real-time, interactive scenario analysis for one of the most profitable trading desks on the planet. We helped e-commerce and brokerage companies to scale their operations without breaking a sweat. We contributed to pioneering robotics and field automation platforms before IoT and event streams were cool.

We have interacted with more than forty clients and hundreds of users from a dozen different industries, including financial services, supply chain and logistics, industrial automation and robotics, e-commerce, and more. In all cases, we have translated their needs, aspirations and frustrations into tangible and lasting IT value.

Data stores to middleware, business logic to front-end, legacy integration to cutting-edge solutions, bespoke everything to off-the-shelf technologies, we cover the full spectrum of your requirements.

Why We Are Different

We don't do 'just' websites and mobile apps.

We build full-stack, enterprise-grade solutions that bring clarity and efficiency to the ways your organisation generates value, seizes opportunities, adapts to change and protects itself from risk.

Many are happy to deliver to specifications and get paid.

We ask questions, a lot of them, aiming to understand the key enablers of your success: solving problems with an existing system? Streamlining workflows and automating processes? Unlocking the unexpressed potential of your data, empowering your intellectual capital, reaching broader and deeper into your markets, responding to unexpected and extreme conditions? All of the above?

Many are in the business of inflating a project until all parties involved lose track of its purpose.

We concentrate on the 20% of functionalities you need 80% of the time and strive to deliver them on time, on budget and to perfection. We then disseminate our architecture and codebase with extensibility points that makes it easy to expand and enrich your system when, and only when, you are happy to go ahead.

Many build commodity software that staggers and sweats at every push, locks you in or quickly becomes a liability the moment they walk away.

We craft our project schedule in sizeable work packages that express complete sets of functionalities. You might stop using us halfway into the project and enjoy a partial yet fully usable product. We can also document our design and code to the highest standards and manage an effective hand-over, so your system will have a healthy shelf life well beyond our contractual obligations.

Case Studies

Here is a small sample of the IT projects from Gluon’s core team. Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more about what we have done and, most importantly, what we can do for you.

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  • .NET
  • Automation
  • C++
  • Financials
  • Java
  • Scala
Single-Dealer Platforms

Single-Dealer Platforms

Single-dealer platforms (SDP) offer investment banks clients a unified view over the bank’s FX Trading services. They act as a one-stop-shop for trading and market information, suc...
High-performance Distributed Computing Engines

High-performance Distributed Computing Engines

A computing engine is a generic system designed to execute a large number of processing tasks, typically defined by dynamic logic such as a workflow or a set of business rules, on ...
High-availability Historical Trading Data Service

High-availability Historical Trading Data Service

This data service was developed to offer traders in a leading oil provider with historical trading data over the last 2 years. It offers a JSON REST API to query the state of a tra...
Workflow Engine for Post-trade Processing

Workflow Engine for Post-trade Processing

We were tasked with the rewrite of a system responsible for executing and monitoring trade processing flows within the fund and between the fund and its counterparties. Typical exa...
Industrial Robotics

Industrial Robotics

Consulting for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical organisations, we contributed to the successful delivery of a revolutionary laboratory automation platform designed to perf...
Low-latency Message Router

Low-latency Message Router

This project was a key piece of the messaging infrastructure of a leading airline services provider. Named the Services Integrator, the application allowed the routing of critical ...


Vanni Torelli

Vanni is a software practitioner with 20 years of experience building enterprise applications. He spent the past 10 years specialising in high-performance, distributed, scalable platforms that deliver business value to the financial services industry.

He has consulted and worked for Barclays, Credit Suisse, BNP Paribas, Nomura, BGC Partners (Cantor Fitzgerald), Bluecrest Capital, and GAM Asset Management.

His professional expertise focuses on the Microsoft .NET technology stack and state-of-the-art tools, patterns and practices. He is also fluent in Java, Python, web technologies (HTML/Javascript) and Scala.

Vanni has a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering from Politecnico di Bari, and a Masters in Internet Computing from University College London.

In his spare time, he is a keen reader and non-trivial music consumer. In a past life, not long ago, he was a music producer and a freelance technical writer.

Nicolas Deslandes

Nicolas is a well-respected software architect and consultant with more than 10 years of experience in large enterprises and financial services organisations.

He has gained a significant experience building large-scale distributed systems, real-time messaging systems, and high-performance user interfaces, using Microsoft .NET technologies.

His portfolio includes Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, BP, BGC Partners (Cantor Fitzgerald), Trayport, and Amadeus.

He holds an Engineering degree from Supélec, France's third best engineering school.

When free, he is equally divided between cinema and sports including golf, tennis, and squash.