Low-latency Message Router

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Low-latency Message Router

This project was a key piece of the messaging infrastructure of a leading airline services provider. Named the Services Integrator, the application allowed the routing of critical messages from internal or external client applications to back-end services, such as flight availability request from Web Sites, or bookings made by travel agents.

Because of the critical nature of the application, it was designed so that no single point of failure existed, and was able to achieve less than 15 min of downtime every year.

In order to ensure maximum performance, the services integrator was written in C++ and Boost and use both multi-threading and multiple process to scale up to the required throughput (up to 15,000 messages per seconds in production). Gluon staff were responsible for developing new features as well as maintaining continuous availability for the service in production.

Technologies used included C++, Python, Boost.

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