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Single-Dealer Platforms

Single-dealer platforms (SDP) offer investment banks clients a unified view over the bank’s FX Trading services. They act as a one-stop-shop for trading and market information, such as liquidity and prices. They have seen a huge uptake in the last few years.

SDPs typically involve state-of-the-art UI, coupled with real time messaging capabilities in order to provide the quickest and most accurate view of the services available to the bank’s customers.

Key differentiators in this busy market include low latency of client prices, as well as robustness and performance of the platform. User Experience (UX) also plays a major role in this space, as banks have to provide complex functionalities in the most user-friendly environment.

We have gained experience in SDPs by working on SDPs for two major investment banks in London for several years, using Silverlight and WPF as the UI technology, and C++, C# and Java on the server-side.

Technologies used included .NET 4.0, Silverlight , WPF, C++/C#, Java, Python, Software AG Universal Messaging, Prism, and RX.



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