High-availability Historical Trading Data Service

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High-availability Historical Trading Data Service

This data service was developed to offer traders in a leading oil provider with historical trading data over the last 2 years. It offers a JSON REST API to query the state of a trader’s spreadsheet at any point in time over the past 2 years. Key requirements included high availability, including in the case of a data centre failure.

This system was implemented using Apache Cassandra, a high-availability, distributed database that stored the data received by the company’s real-time messaging system, and .NET 4.5.

The application included a data capture service to store real time data into a Cassandra cluster spread across 3 continents, and an ASP.NET 5 REST API to handle user requests for historical data, hosted in IIS 7.

The project included the deployment and configuration of Cassandra nodes using the latest version of the product, as well as the implementation of the .NET services. An administration portal was also developed using ASP.NET 5 MVC, AngularJS and Bootstrap.

Technologies used included .NET 4.5, ASP.NET 5, Apache Cassandra, TPL Dataflow, IIS 7.

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