The best way to outsource fintech development is with Gluon

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The best way to outsource fintech development is with Gluon
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Davao City, Philippines

Gluon will use their fintech development hub in Davao, Philippines to nurture local talent in I.T. project management and development.

With over 40-years experience writing full-stack, high-performance, robust and scalable software for investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers and financial technologies providers, Gluon Consulting are fully aware of the cost of fintech development in London. To help mitigate some of this cost, Gluon looked east.

The Philippines are one of the world’s most resilient and fastest growing economies and amongst the top destinations for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) functions, they remain host to a vast pool of technology talent. Additionally and perhaps more importantly to Gluon, foreign multinationals and investors use Filipino talent to grow the higher‐value Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) industry. The newly elected government has pledged to increase infrastructure spending outside of Manila to maintain the growth rate of the country seen during the last presidency.

Fintech development
Attendees at Gluon’s recent developer session, including Gluon CEO, front row centre and Gluon CTO Michael John Pena, far left

Davao City is one of the best success stories in the South East Asia region: dubbed one of Asia’s safest and most livable cities, Davao is blessed by some of the country’s best socio‐economic indicators and has, in the past decade, developed as the southern Philippines’ main business and technology hub. New President Rodrigo Duterte hails from Davao, a city where his leadership and development have fostered this growth and it is expected that he champions the economic virtues of Davao during his presidency.

There are a number of initiatives in Davao focused on growing the education system, specifically around IT and technology. Davao recently hosted the first Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) technical-vocational education and training (TVET) forum. In June, iPeople, Inc. announced that it will invest to build a new Mapua Institute of Technology in Davao City (opening 2018).

“We believe Davao City to be the perfect backdrop for Gluon’s first team of home‐grown enterprise software specialists. One specific focus will be fintech development to service the needs of our clients” Vanni Torelli, Gluon CEO

Gluon has committed to fintech development in Davao by opening up their brand new office space to host a series of developer sessions that will exhibit the newest technologies. The program runs bi-monthly and is hosted by Gluon CEO Vanni Torelli and Gluon CTO Michael John Pena.

fintech development
Gluon CTO, Michael John Pena

At their most recent event Gluon were delighted to host The Consular of Japan in Davao; Consul Tomoko Dodo amongst a room packed with over 100 guests. Attendees are IT Professionals such as Developers (inc.2 x Microsoft MVP’s), IT Pros, Project Managers plus students, and enthusiasts.

“Our passion is to see Gluon nurture and develop talent in Davao through our work in the local community. We want the people of Davao to be proud of their relationship with Gluon, a place where we can instill western philosophy and IT project management practices to help our developers accelerate their careers.” Michael John Pena, Gluon CTO

Gluon’s senior London developers and London-based project managers will develop talent in the Philippines to allow Gluon to work concisely with fintechs and SME financials whilst providing our clients some of the cost benefits of outsourcing.



Michael John “Penny” Peña is Gluon CTO and a proactive contributor to the Microsoft space in the Philippines for the past 5 years. He recently placed 3rd in the overall APAC region as a Microsoft Influencer Hero on his attempt to contribute on Channel9 as a speaker.

Michael has been recently working on enterprise systems and applications for a large multi-national bank as well as doing innovation activities on top. He specializes on Mobile Development, Web Development, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Automated Testing and Agile-Scrum to name a few.

Steve Findley is a relationship manager with Gluon Consulting. Steve has over ten years experience working within finance across London and Sydney in commercial banking and marketing.


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